Spazio Libero architectural firm signs another urban furnishing project for the municipality of Rio Saliceto (RE), sponsored by Carla Ferroni. We were given the task of giving tangible form to the creativity of the architects.

In the project, two pairs of benches converge towards two stylized masks on the floor representing the Tragedy and the Comedy, located in the center of the square of the town theater. The benches become sinuous three-dimensional shapes that move the horizontal plane of the square, conceived as a composition displaying the typical emblem of the theater: the laugh and cry dualism.

Next to the building, several cubical planters embellish the pedestrian crossing and act as barriers to car transit. The metal chosen for the benches, the planters and the profiles of the masks is corten, a steel highly appreciated by designers for its extreme strength, lightness and versatility. The rust color that varies from orange to reddish brown contributes, together with the geometric shapes, to give a very suggestive sense of abstraction.

All of the metal structures were made in a few days in our factory in Rio Saliceto (RE).
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Advantages of corten steel

  • High structural strength and to atmospheric corrosion. Over time it acquires a lived aspect that appeals to architects and designers
  • it lends itself to many different working processes such as laser cutting, welding, forging, bending, wire drawing
  • total non-deformability over time
  • 100% recyclable

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